Benefits for Schools

  1. Secure – We’re authorized NCB eCommerce merchants, and have met all Visa and
    Mastercard security requirements for processing online payments
  2. Fast – Start accepting online credit card and debit card payments now (without the time,
    cost and expertise required to build your own ecommerce site). We’ve built this platform
    for you already, and you can be up and running and collecting fees online within 48
  3. Affordable – we know schools are on tight budgets, so we’ve been able to keep our
    rates low to ensure that this service is cost effective for you
  4. Flexible – Collect any type of fee, any time of year
    5. Simple – no need to buy any new software, our system works with whatever systems
    you already have
  5. Accurate – no more untraceable fees, ambiguity or reconciliation headaches … fees
    paid are tagged directly to the student they are being paid for, and for the specific
    purpose (e.g. lunch)
  6. Promote COVID-19 Guidelines Compliance – reduce COVID-19 risk to staff, other
    parents/guardians and students by reducing the need for parents to visit schools to pay
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